About us

Kate and Rafe started Katula Herbs about ten years ago.  The seeds were sown out of a desire to combine a passion for growing plants with a long-time interest in homeopathy and natural healing. The dream finally came about with a move to Oregon in 2003 and the purchase of land that could be used to start a small herb farm.

Kate of Katula Herbs harvesting sage

Harvesting Sage

For many years, we grew culinary, fragrant, tea and medicinal herb seedlings and cuttings, coaxing them to be ready for the start of farmers’ market season in early May. With almost 100 different plants offered each year, this was intense work.  However, the interaction and sharing information with customers, and the almost Zen-like therapy of growing such incredible plants, was extremely rewarding. Many of these herb varieties soon became the source of formulated blends of herbal teas which we shared with family and friends. At their encouragement, in 2010 we began our loose leaf herbal tea line, Katula Tea, followed a year later by the addition of a number of culinary spice and herb mixes.

Prunella Vulgaris (Self-Heal), Katula Herbs logo plant

Prunella Vulgaris (Self-Heal), Katula Herbs logo plant

Why use a leopard for our tea logo? Because “katula” means leopard in the Bemba language spoken on the southern shores of Lake Tanganyika, where we first met. It is a reminder of origins and became the name of our first farm in Maine in the early 70’s. Now in Oregon, it found a new incarnation with Katula Herbs.

We hope that our passion for herbs can continue to be shared with our customers through tasty teas for everyday use, culinary spice and herb products, as well as recipes and a wealth of information to set you on a journey of incorporating these versatile, amazing plants into your life!!

A percentage of all the tea sales goes towards supporting the African Wildlife Foundation.